Organising Authority: Grenada South Coast Yacht Club


Grenada, West Indies - Due to an unforeseen emergency, the 2010 Race Committee regretfully announces that the 2010 Grenada Round-the-Island Race event, scheduled to take place on 12-14 of March, has been cancelled. The unfortunate cancelling of this event was not a decision that was made lightly or easily. It was a decision that was necessary due solely to an internal emergency that has made it impossible for the Committee to move forward with the event as planned.

The Race Committee is grateful for all the support and involvement received thus far from the community and sponsors. Furthermore, the Committee wants to make it clear that any progress that has been made in the funding, organizing, and planning of this event will carry over to next year's race. The Grenada Round-the-Island Race has a long and rich history in the Caribbean and it will return in 2011 as the fun and exciting community event that Grenada has known and loved.

At this difficult time, the Race Committee appreciates the community's understanding and apologizes for any inconveniences this may cause. The Committee is deeply saddened by this regrettable situation and will take the necessary steps to ensure that the termination of this event is carried out with the grace and dignity it deserves.

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The Most Effective Types Of Renewable Energy

Since Grenada has an abundance of sunshine, it's nice to make use of that energy source.

These days, it seems as if the environment is factoring into almost everybody's decisions. And, while not everybody these days is entirely eco-conscious, the fact is that fuel, material, and power are not free. Further, these commodities are likely to continue to get even more expensive. Energy, in particular, is a major concern as vast swatches of the world's power grid are dependent on fossil fuels, a resource that any reputable scientist will tell you are spreading a dizzying array of chemicals into the world's atmosphere. While the exact effects are debatable, what is undeniable is that these resources, whatever their side effects, will not last forever.

With this in mind, many people throughout the world over are looking into different forms of renewable energy, and not just because of the environmental effects of non-renewable energy sources. Far-sighted people are also realizing that the non-renewable energy sources will run out eventually and are preparing for that day. While the move towards renewable energy is currently in its infancy, global financial climates and political instabilities in many parts of the world are causing more and more people to look inward to satisfy their energy needs. But this begs the question of what the most effective types of renewable energy are.

One renewable energy source of note is biofuels. Based on the same scientific principles that transformed prehistoric decaying biomass into modern coal and petroleum, biofuels are slowly but steadily growing in popularity. Biofuels are made by applying heat and pressure to masses of biological matter, usually biological matter that otherwise has no economic value such as peat, landscaping refuse, and agricultural waste. When piped into specialized engines, these biofuels have a fuel efficiency rivaling that of gasoline. While they may not yet be a major replacement for gasoline, the technology is getting more efficient and is becoming more attractive with every international incident that increases the price of oil.

Another effective type of renewable energy is geothermal energy. Based on the idea that the earth itself has captured a great deal of heat and energy, many modern technologies have emerged to tap that energy. While purely geothermal energy sources are uncommon, generally only found in geologically active regions of earth such as Iceland or Hawaii, there are ways for other parts of the world to benefit from these technologies as well. Geothermal heating and cooling, for example, can be built into nearly any home to improve the efficiency and lower the heating fuel use in those buildings.

One of the fastest growing energy sources is solar energy. To be done most effectively, solar energy requires the installation of solar panels to collect energy from the sun to be stored and used as necessary. It is recommended to have assistance from a solar panel company to make sure the installation is done correctly. New solar companies can be found in various areas around the world, including up and coming industries like you can find in the Chicago solar area.

Wind power is looking ever more attractive in an era when the health of the air itself is becoming a growing concern. "Wind farms" vast banks of free standing wind power turbines wired into the electrical grid are growing in popularity worldwide, particularly in rapidly industrializing Asia, but other regions such as Europe are also finding the technology useful. While still developing, wind power does seem to be a fairly effective form of renewable energy.

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