Organising Authority: Grenada South Coast Yacht Club

Crazy Craft Bathtub Derby

The Grenada South Coast Yacht Club is calling all creative boat builders and adventurous types to enter the Crazy Craft Bathtub Derby, a boat racing event to be held on Grand Anse Beach on Sunday, March 14 as part of the 2010 Grenada Round-the-Island race event weekend. Unlike other water sport events, the Bathtub Derby allows crafty participants to design, build, and race their own human-powered vessels and compete for amazing cash prizes. Sure to be one of the major highlights of the Grenada Round-the-Island race weekend, this event encourages quirkiness and creativity mixed with humor and fun that spectators and sailors of all ages can enjoy. Awards will be given for fastest vessel for a 1-person team, 2-person team and 4-person team. Prizes will also be given for the most creative design.

Rules and regulations:

bathtub derby logo
  1. Build your own vessel from any materials that you desire.
  2. Vessel must be human-powered: NO MOTOR. NO SAILS. NO SWIMMING.
  3. Minimum age of entrants is 16 years old unless accompanied by an adult.
  4. All team members must remain in the vessel at all times during the race.
  5. Vessels must remain intact during the race.
  6. At least 20% of the vessel must be visible above the surface of the water during the race.
  7. Vessels can have bailers, paddles, and/or pedals.
  8. Team must be able to launch vessel from beach and dock vessel on beach with no assistance from other people.
  9. All entrants must wear a provided Life Vest.
  10. All entrants will comply with the instructions of race officials and Grenada Coast Guard. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in immediate elimination.

Visit for more info on the Bathtub Derby and the 2010 Grenada Round-the-Island Race.